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Organisation & Talent
Team Meeting
2-Day Strategy Training Workshop for 'Top 100' Executives

Client's need: A USD3Bn revenue Philippines-based management and investment company with major businesses interests in power, manufacturing and property development was looking to enhance the capabilities of their 'top 100' senior executives with profit and loss accountability in strategy development and execution. The training objectives included:

(a) imparting latest thinking and methodologies/frameworks on strategic planning;

(b) creating a common language; and

(c) facilitating discussions (case study-based) on how to best improve the Group's short and long-term business performance.

How we helped: Invictus Consulting deployed a strategy and talent development expert to design and deliver a 2-day strategy workshop with expert trainers and subject matter experts from around the world (US, Europe, Asia Pacific).

Outcomes: The 2-day workshop was delivered smoothly and with highly positive participant feedback. The company was able to incorporate the latest strategy methodologies into their Strategic and Budget Planning cycle.

Private Meeting
Mining Giant's Culture Diagnostic Study

Client's need: After a period of restructuring and transformation, the ExCo of a multinational mining, metals and petroleum company was looking to understand the impact on their organisation, staff morale and culture or 'ways of working'. A global culture diagnostic was launched an a team of culture experts deployed to understand their employees' culture (critical behaviours, ways-of-working) and how this might aid or impede future growth.

How we helped: Invictus Consulting deployed a culture expert and experienced facilitator to lead interviews and focus groups across Asia.

Outcomes: The ExCo was briefed on key findings around the culture (key behaviours, ways-of-working, challenges, opportunities, differences across regions) and used this to refine the Strategic and People/Talent Development plans.

Strategy & Corporate Finance
Oil and Gas Player's 5-Year Growth Strategy

Client's need: An Asian oilfield services company headquartered in Malaysia was facing the challenge of a plunge in oil prices and was uncertain as to how best to prepare for the changing world that lies ahead and to map out a strategic direction to thrive, 

How we helped: Invictus Consulting deployed an oil and gas experience project director and expert to lead a client and consultant joint team to define strategic options based on data-driven scenario analysis. The project objectives included defining 'how will corporate strategy shift?', 'what are the financing requirements?' and 'what are the key capabilities required?'. 

Outcomes: Expert facilitators led multiple sessions with the Board around the three high value strategic options and supporting projections and scenario analysis. This allowed the Board to endorse the preferred option based on vigorous market and scenario analysis.

Freight Insurance
Middle Eastern Government's National Logistics Strategy

Client's need: The lead government agencies of a Middle Eastern government was looking to establish multiple world class logistics hubs in six key sectors with the ultimate aim of attracting the interest of best-in-class investors and operators.

How we helped: Invictus Consulting deployed a programme director experienced in transport, public policy, e-commerce and logistics on a fulltime basis for a 3 month period. This experienced director led a team of 20+ client executives and consultants to design the investment business cases and engage key industry players and potential investors. 

Outcomes: The investor cases were signed off by the Steering Committee and supported by vigorous market analysis including trends, supply/demand factors, competitors, key players. The strategic direction was endorsed based on economic impact (GDP, jobs) and benefit - and key ministries and operators aligned (ports, airports, rail/road operators).

sitting in airport
Airport Operator's Activity Based Costing Study

Client's need: A major airport operator in Southeast Asia looking for support to analyse the true, fair and complete cost of operations to better engage the regulator on new pricing regulations. The operator was looking to leverage activity based costing methodologies to model cost of operations across it's portfolio of large, mid-sized and small airports. 

How we helped: Invictus Consulting deployed an experienced aviation professional with a background in accounting and finance to lead a consulting/client team on an accelerated 2-month study. This team built an activity based costing model to identify the cost of operations and to segmentise the operators portfolio of airports (large hubs, regional airports, small airports) with different passenger volumes, cost of operations and profit and loss impact.

Outcomes: We were able to differentiate the profitable, self-funding airports from the loss-making airports. The findings were used as input into the government and regulator engagement plan and signed off by the senior management team. 

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