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Invictus Consulting applies the same quality standards and vigorous analytical approach that clients expect from top tier consultancies at cost sensitive pricing levels. We do not have the overheads of traditional firms. We adopt a flexible business model (no fixed team of consultants; instead we deploy consultants with the right experience, trained by top tier consulting firms and based on client needs). We recommend a delivery solution that is tailored to your situation - from light touch to full-time involvement.

Our range of services include the following. We will collaborate and engage closely with the people in your organisation, as we see this as the foundation for creating lasting results.


How we can help you:

  • Expert guidance of internal teams and projects

  • Review of internal senior executive and/or Board reports and draft strategies

  • Consulting in blended client and consultant teams

  • Consulting with a team of high-calibre consultants, selected solely based on relevant expertise and skill

  • Collaboration with other consultancies 

  • Interim management of vacant role / critical delivery function

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