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Invictus Consulting is a boutique management consultancy that combines the quality standards and vigorous data-driven analytical approach of top consulting firms with a truly international mindset, strong work ethic and collaborative approach based on a desire to understand our clients’ needs deeply. We focus on long term partnerships and leverage the most fit-for-purpose delivery models to deliver exceptional value. We believe that the best consulting engagements are delivered by carefully selected teams applying robust analytical approaches customised to each client's operating reality. 



Invictus Consulting applies the same quality standards and vigorous analytical approach that clients expect from top tier consultancies at cost sensitive pricing levels. We do not have the overheads of traditional firms. We adopt a flexible business model (no fixed team of consultants; instead we deploy consultants with the right experience, trained by top tier consulting firms and based on client needs). We recommend a delivery solution that is tailored to your situation - from light touch to full-time involvement.


Invictus Consulting serves clients across a range of industries. Our consultants bring to the table functional expertise in:

  • Analytics

  • Design

  • Digital

  • M&A

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Organisation & Talent

  • Operations

  • Strategy & Corporate Finance

  • Transformation



Invictus Consulting serves public and private sector clients (operating companies, regulators, investors, etc) navigating political, economic, social, technological and environmental changes. Clients look to us for expert support to make decisions on the back of vigorous data analysis. We help them navigate complex business decisions and engage diverse stakeholder groups (management, members of the Board, regulators, government agencies).


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Shona Especkerman

Founder & Principal Consultant

Shona Especkerman is an accomplished management consultant and senior adviser with 20+ years of experience in top tier consulting firms (Strategy& formerly Booz & Company, Schlumberger, Accenture). Shona is a thought leader for innovative solutions on Strategy, Business Development, Organisation, Operations and Transformation. She brings to the table cross sector strategic and operational experience from having served 30+ clients across sectors including Oil & Gas, Logistics & Transportation, e-Commerce and Government in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.


Invictus Consulting Sdn Bhd (1197755-U) is company incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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